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This kit contains a cross-section of our most popular items; Polish and Cleaner, Dark and Light Scratch Remover and 4 of our most popular toned Fill Sticks

With the Furniture Polish and Cleaner, you can carry out daily care of your furniture and other finished and veneer surfaces without worrying about damage to the finish and knowing that you will obtain beautiful, streak-free results without any sticky build up.

The Scratch Removers allow you to effect quick, but professional touch ups to surfaces with scratches and minor surface imperfections by simply wiping on then wiping off.

Finally, for those deeper surface repairs, the Fill Sticks fill and contour to the damaged area and can even be top coated with a varnish or paint to make the repair permanent.

This is care and repair kit has everything to get your furniture looking beautiful again and to keep it that way.


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