Terms and Conditions

Our website provides worldwide online order and delivery service.
Customer must agree and accept our order terms and conditions (which are applicable to Hong Kong and all other regions) in order to enjoy our online ordering and delivery service.

  1. Our products and shipment cost are denominated in Hong Kong
    dollars. All orders are transacted in Hong Kong dollars.
  2. Order cannot be cancelled or amended after submission. Even there is an additional order of same product(s) or other product(s) which are purchased on the same day after an order has already been submitted, that purchase will still be counted as a separate order and need to pay extra shipping cost.
  3. An order confirmation email will be automatically sent within 5 working days after order placed.
  4. All product shots are taken with the real object. Due to environment, light, and printing, the appearance of the products on photos may slightly be different from real object. Our website does not accept return request due to this reason.
  5. Products shown here on our website are available while stocks permit and can be removed without any prior notice.
  6. Our website has the right to cancel the transaction even if the computer system displays the transaction has been completed. We reserve the final decision to accept the order or not.
  7. Please clearly enter your name, email address, telephone, and shipping address to ensure that orders can be processed correctly. We are not responsible for any loss suffered or compensation due to inaccurate information
  8. Our website has put best efforts to ensure adequate supply of goods but there maybe unintentional delays leading to shortage of stock. If in the case, we will inform the customer and refund within one month.
  9. Products shown here on our website are available while stocks permit and can be removed without any prior notice.
  10. Product prices on our website do not include local customs or sales taxes.
  11. Our website reserves the right to unilaterally change the above and other terms without any prior notice.
  12. We use SF Express / Yamato Express / EMS Speedpost service for local and overseas delivery. Your rights regarding the delivery of the products shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the forwarder, which will be available for perusal upon request. When ordering from our website which implies that you agree the above forwarders to handle all the aspects of the order on your behalf. We will not be responsible for any act or failure to act on the part of these forwarders. We disclaim any liability whatsoever and you assume all risks and liabilities associated with its use.
  13. Our responsibility of the parcel will be transferred to the buyer after it is sent with receipt. If any problem occurred during shipping process, you should directly deal with appointed forwarder or post office. We will provide receipt on request for investigation.
  14. For all returned parcels, if we cannot contact you and arrange reshipping within one month, the transaction will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.